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Do you often have a desire to change something about yourself, with the result that you constantly berate yourself when you fail to do so? This is something many people struggle with. Whether it's losing weight, overcoming shame, fear and insecurity, or getting constantly irritated about things you can do little about. Every time it fails, you lose confidence not only in your resolve but also in your self-esteem. Perhaps it is time to start working in a different way. What countervailing forces are at play? Usually past experiences play a role. Compassionate Inquiry helps you explore this. We look at physical signs and emotions and what they have to say to you. The goal is to understand resistance and deal with it differently.

What others think

Read the experiences of people who have been mentored by me.

"Hanneke has helped me very nicely with releasing old trauma. The Compassionate Inquiry method works very well for me. It brings you back to feeling in your body making it easier to let go. Hanneke's guidance is warm, loving and involved. She has a good sense of you, even if it is through a computer session. She can feel very well and I feel very comfortable and especially safe with her. I can definitely recommend her. "
Moud Soeters
"Hanneke attunes to my being, is following in the moment, where I am and what I am feeling, gives me back what she sees, hears, feels and thinks openly, directly and lovingly. The conversations have brought me further along my path again."
"Hanneke guided me in feeling through - feeling. Standing still with emotions and which part of me, old or new, demands or calls attention in my case ;). It has touched me, ballast has been released. I feel lighter and closer to myself. I am allowed to be myself. I am allowed to embrace myself completely."
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