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Childhood trauma doesn't need not be a prison for life

You realize that you have not been completely happy in life for a long time. You have a difficult relationship with others, and sometimes with yourself.
A pattern seems to be emerging in this. You often wonder what you can do to get out of this groove. But it is difficult to look at yourself with new eyes, so your thoughts keep getting stuck.

Compassionate Inquiry (CI) helps you find your own answer to where things are going wrong.

Searching for meaning together

I think the beauty of this work is that you search for meaning together. This requires both me and my client to want to be open, vulnerable and honest.

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Compassionate Inquiry

The trauma itself is not that causes problems, but our reaction to it. Compassionate Inquiry is a very successful therapy for resolving mental blocks. From dealing with intense traumatic events to less obvious and perhaps even unconscious traumas.

What others think

Read the experiences of people who have been mentored by me.

"Hanneke taught me to feel properly. To really feel at all. I did always analyze my memories to give them a place. But I wasn't reading myself properly and didn't have the knowledge to learn to listen to the little girl inside me. I have thanked the little girl in me and forgiven myself for not listening to her for years and feel pounds lighter without losing a gram."
"Hanneke attunes to my being, is following in the moment, where I am and what I am feeling, gives me back what she sees, hears, feels and thinks openly, directly and lovingly. The conversations have brought me further along my path again."
"Hanneke guided me in feeling through - feeling. Standing still with emotions and which part of me, old or new, demands or calls attention in my case ;). It has touched me, ballast has been released. I feel lighter and closer to myself. I am allowed to be myself. I am allowed to embrace myself completely."
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